Career Opportunities

Our people through whom we deliver our services are our most valuable resource.  Without them, we cannot survive nor grow.  As such, we endeavour to provide a work environment in which each of our people enjoys dignity and respect and continued opportunity for professional and personal development.


You will gain:

  • Numerous professional opportunities to enable our people to make the best use of your  abilities and to achieve fulfilment as individuals, as staff of the company, and as citizens of this country.
  • The achievement of your career goals in line with the objectives of the company.
  • Well-designed and implemented training and development programmes.
  • Advancement in the organisation based on merits and performance.
  • Competitive compensation and fringe benefits.
  • A work atmosphere in which all are mutually supportive in maintaining a high level of service to our clients.

Are you driven by a sincere desire to help people and have the ability to form and maintain strong relationships? Then, come join our team.

Be Our Advisers

It does not matter if you are an experienced and professionally qualified financial adviser or a fresh entrant into the career. We welcome you both.

If you already have some experience and the qualifications, our training and development programmes will enable you to spur on to greater success.

If you are just beginning a career as a financial adviser, don’t worry.  We’ll help you grow and thrive with our financial adviser training and development programmes. You will get our support and guidance to become professionally qualified. We just want you to have the drive, discipline, energy and a strong aspiration to grow and succeed. If you have these traits, along with self-confidence, a belief in the work you’re doing and a commitment to continuous learning, then you may have what it takes! Your potential for success could be unlimited.

Fit the bill and are ready for holistic development and success? Send us your resume with a recent passport-sized photograph and we’ll get in touch with you.

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